How to Incorporate Daily Rituals for Self-Care

daily rituals self care Dec 17, 2021

The start of a new year is a great time to set new goals and get clear on what you want. What do you want to change about your current lifestyle? What are some small and actionable steps you can take to achieve this?

Although the start of a new year is a great time for a fresh start, remember not to put too much pressure on it. 

So many people set unrealistic new year resolutions only to get discouraged a few weeks later and feel guilty about giving up. 

On top of that, there is a wealth of 'self-development' information online that can make even the simplest of self-care tasks feel overwhelming.

This blog post will outline some easy self-care rituals you can implement into your daily routine without it becoming overwhelming or feeling like a chore. 

Self-care doesn’t have to be demanding, it’s about what works best for you. 

What are daily rituals?

Self-care rituals are activities or routines that you do regularly to support your health.

Many people mistake rituals to be primarily spiritual practices, but they are simply an action that has a positive impact on your wellbeing. 

Simply put, self-care rituals are healthy habits. They are practices you do consistently, either daily, monthly, annually etc, to help you live more mindfully and positively.

There are many daily rituals to choose from, and you don’t have to do all of them to feel a difference. Picking 1-5 rituals to include daily is a good way to get started. Breaking them up into batches throughout the day makes them even more digestible. 

Morning rituals

Depending on what kind of person you are, you may prefer to get things done in the morning. If you’re a night owl, it's still beneficial to start your day with a ritual when you wake up, but you can save the majority for the night. Whatever works best for you.

Read more about morning routines here. 

Morning meditation

Morning meditation is a great way to start your day. It puts you in a calm and positive frame of mind for the rest of the day and can help you reduce stress and be less reactive. If you’re new to meditation aim for 2-5 minutes a day.

Read more about how to create a meditation routine here.


Moving your body in the morning comes with many health benefits. Setting your alarm a bit earlier to get some morning movement in can make the world of difference to your mental and physical health. It'll help you make healthier choices throughout the day, have increased energy and help you sleep better. 

Gratitude list

Simply waking up and listing 5-10 things you are grateful for can put you in a great mood to start the day. Gratitude practices have been linked to lower stress levels and a lower chance of depression and anxiety. 

Mid day rituals

Depending on your work schedule, try and carve out some time in the middle of the day for some self-care. This can be as little as making yourself a cup of tea or getting some sunlight. 

Head outside

If you’re lucky enough to have a whole hour for lunch, split it up. Eat for thirty minutes, then get out and walk for the next thirty. You will be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel.


If the majority of your job has you sitting in a chair all day, make sure to schedule some time to stretch your body. A few minutes of stretching throughout the day can prevent pain and stiffness and encourage good circulation and flexibility 

Nighttime rituals

Digital detox

Blue screen light causes eye strain and suppresses melatonin in the brain. When it gets close to bedtime, opt for a good book or meditation instead of your phone.

Nourish your body

Set aside one day per week to try out a new healthy recipe or make something that makes you feel good. Regularly eating healthy is extremely important to your gut and mental health. 

Create an evening pamper routine

This can be as simple as mindfully brushing your teeth. You don't need a 10-step skincare routine to enter the realm of self-care. Simply doing something small that makes you feel good will be beneficial. 

Make it stick

To figure out which rituals work best for you, sit down and write down as many things you can think of that brings you joy. This can be anything from, pasta, the smell of vanilla, back rubs, the colour blue, summertime, going to the beach etc.

Figure out even the littlest of things that make you happy and brainstorm some ways you can incorporate these into your day, such as filling your space with the colours and smells you enjoy.

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