5 Day Vision Board Course 

A step-by-step course to help reset your year.

We combine the science of visualisation, meditation and expert guests to guide you though finding your purpose, creating your vision board and breaking limiting beliefs to help you achieve your goals.

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"Understanding how visualisation and vision boards work changed my world and now I’m here to give you all the tools so you can start your very own journey and change your world too!'

Chelsea Pottenger
EQ Minds 5 Day Vision Board and Goal Setting Course



Paced over 5 days, Chelsea will guide you through manageable milestones for you to achieve your dream life.


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Chelsea Pottenger looking positive affirmations on a wall

Day 1: The power of purpose

We share the science behind visualisation, coaching you through powerful and practical exercise to uncover your true values and purpose.  

Inspirational Vision Board cards

Day 2: Setting goals

Now you have identified your true purpose, we coach you through creating a roadmap for your dream life. We share a powerful future self-meditation technique using visualisation.

Chelsea Pottenger putting together her vision board

Day 3: Creating your vision board

It’s time to create your vision board. We share different types of boards and platforms you can use. 

EQ Minds Vision Board and Goal Setting Course - Day 4

Day 4: Achieving your goals faster

Now you have created your vision board, we share 12 simple strategies to achieve your goals faster and coach you through kicking bad habits and embed good ones. 

Vision Board card saying faith

Day 5: Overcoming your limiting beliefs

The final day of the course will coach you through strategies to tackle any obstacle that could derail you from achieving your goals.

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"I loved the flexibility of Chelsea’s Vision Boarding Program. Being able to listen to her podcasts and meditations while commuting made this program really accessible and achievable to do. I also loved that we had different options to create the vision board on the last day. I’m in a high tech company and the fact that this is a cutting edge program compared to other antiquated programs had me hooked on Day one."



Experts in their industry

Each day you will hear from inspirational experts that will help you build a sustainable practice to bring your vision to life. Learn from their stories, get inspired and find focus. 


Jim Kwik


Jim will teach you how to absorb information faster. How to become successful during challenging times and how to maximise and manage your mindset.

Sarah Davidson

Seize the YAY

Sarah was a lawyer turned funtrepreneur, in pursuit of balance. Sarah and her partner started Matcha Maidenand a podcast called, Seize the Yay,

Michele Chevalley Hedge

Eat drink and still shrink

Michele is a nutritionist, author and keynote speaker. Wellness is a serious business, but Michele makes it fun, sexy and attainable. 

Dr Matthew Walker

Sleep hacks with a neuroscientist

Founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Dr Walker is the guru when it comes to sleep.

Simone Mathews

creating a calm space

Simone's true passion is sharing how a space makes you feel. She connects the interiors, accommodation and wellbeing industries.

Canna Campbell

The importance of passive income

Canna is passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering every individual to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in their lives. 

Dr Jonathan Fisher

Meditation benefits for your heart

Dr. Jonathan Fisher is a Harvard-trained physician and cardiologist with 20 years of clinical experience. He has helped thousands live longer and better lives.

Lisa Messenger

How to pivot and stay productive

Lisa is an entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Collective Hub. An international speaker, best selling author, investor and an authority on disruption. 

Dr Rebecca Ray

Overcoming perfectionism

Author, speaker and clinical psychologist, Dr Ray's talks about living bravely in the truth of our experiences as finders and seekers of meaning and connection. 

Tory Archbold

Stepping into your power

Tory is regarded as one of Australia’s leading businesswomen. Tory helps equip us all with great tools on how to step into our personal brand.

Vision Board Cards

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BONUS: Interior design tips for your vision board

We don't only help you create your ideal vision board but also share bonus interior design tips for inspiration. 

"I had a lot of limiting beliefs that were holding me back. The vision boarding program was the best way to set myself free from my own inner dialogue. The magic of this program is that Chelsea becomes the kind of friend to everyone who does her program. She offers a wealth of information, advice for overcoming fears, encouraging ideas and gives you practical guidance on how to go after your dreams."



Founder and Director of EQ MINDS, Chelsea Pottenger is an accredited Mindfulness + Meditation coach, a Psychology student of Adelaide University, a Mental Health Ambassador for R U OK? and a woman on a mission.
Chelsea created EQ MINDS as a space to educate and inspire people to prioritise and care for their mental health.
EQ MINDS has become a destination frequented by many busy minds seeking out the tools and resources to bring calm, nourish the mind and optimise mental health and wellbeing to improve their quality of life.
Chelsea Pottenger Mindfulness Keynote Speaker

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