Chelsea Pottenger

Keynote Speaker

Founder and Director of EQ Minds, Chelsea Pottenger is on a mission to empower high performance through greater mindfulness. 

Chelsea will bring your team on an incredible journey of how to build resilience and maximise your potential. You will leave with a series of actionable insights about how to invest in your mental and physical wellbeing.


Why Chelsea


Chelsea is a leading authority on mental health. She is a psychology postgraduate, an international motivational speaker and accredited mindfulness & meditation coach and author of The Mindful High Performer. Chelsea has worked with many of the world’s leading brands such as Google, Optus, CBA and Macquarie Bank to improve team wellbeing. Chelsea combines science and personal stories to share practical tools for your team to build a positive, high performance mindset.

Chelsea is a proud ambassador for  Gidget Foundation Australia, a mental health not-for-profit.

Chelsea Pottenger International Keynote Speaker presenting on stage

"Chelsea undertook a keynote to our team of about 200 people as part of our offsite. She used a clever balance of science, logic and real life examples to help our team with resilience, mental health and wellbeing. Chelsea's speaking style made it feel like she was speaking one on one to each of us in the crowd. Since the event many of our people continue to embrace Chelsea's many life hacks to improve sleep and mental health. I can highly recommend Chelsea to your business." 

- Chris Langton, General Manager, WESTPAC


The Mindful High Performer Keynote Presentation

Harness the power, purpose and performance of a refreshed mind.

In the Mindful High Performer Keynote, Chelsea will guide your team to perform at their best without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Your team will uncover the power of emotional flexibility and adaptability to build resilience and grit. They will learn techniques to boost their creative thinking and improve their gut health to better their overall physical and mental performance.  

• Mental Health

• Resilience
• Creative thinking

• Gut Health
• Mindfulness

• Stress Management
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Mindset Reset Keynote Presentation

Equip your team with a toolkit for lifelong resilience, productivity and happiness.

Do you want to know how to become a calmer, happier and more productive version of yourself?

To function at our best, we need to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing. That’s where Mindset Reset comes in.

In this entertaining live session, Chelsea shares how to reduce stress and burnout so your team can perform at a healthier, happier foundation. Your team will gain the tools to strengthen resilience and foster connection, while learning how to start and end their day for success, with tips to optimise their morning routine and get a deep night’s rest.

• Mental Health

• Sleep
 • Mindfulness

• Stress Management
• Resilience

• Culture
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"Chelsea is knowledgeable, professional and provides inspiration for change. Her knowledge and how she imparts this with enthusiasm and empathy is what creates the spark for change. Whether you are looking to support your team with self care tools, drive resilience and productivity, or drive sustainability in your leadership team, investing in time with EQ Minds is one of the best things you can do"

- Michelle Stewart, General Manager, DEVICE TECHNOLOGIES


Clarity in a World of Distractions Workshop with Chelsea Pottenger

Clarity in a World of Distractions

How to maintain focus in a world of distractions. In this workshop, we will teach you how to disconnect from technology and share simple tips to refresh, refocus and revitalise.

Goal Setting and Visualisation Workshop with Chelsea Pottenger

Goal Setting & Visualisation

 How to make, visualise and achieve effective goals. In this workshop, we share research and techniques to deliver your goals.

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"Chelsea's ability to engage and energise our people through her workshops across the country on "Mindset and Mental Fitness" was amazing - learning valuable and practical brain hacks to take control of our own health. If you haven't heard Chelsea speak you are missing out! Highly recommend you connect with Chelsea and see for yourself."

- Gayle Brown, Director of People, CBRE

"Mental health is your superannuation"


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