Chelsea Pottenger

Keynote Speaker

Chelsea Pottenger is the inspirational Director of EQ Minds who is on a mission to empower high performance through greater mindfulness. 

Chelsea will bring your team on an incredible journey of how to build resilience and maximise your potential. You will leave with a series of actionable insights about how to invest in your mental and physical wellbeing.








"Chelsea is a world class keynote speaker that engages audiences of all backgrounds with original, insightful and impactful ideas. The overwhelming feedback from Chelsea’s presentations from staff and delegates is that the content and life tips assist to improve both professional and personal life wellbeing. Highly recommend as a conference speaker."


Why Chelsea


Chelsea is a leading authority on mental health. An international motivational speaker and accredited mindfulness & meditation coach, Chelsea has worked with many of the world’s leading brands such as eBay, Google, Telstra, CBA and Macquarie Bank to improve team wellbeing. Chelsea combines science and personal stories to share practical tools for your team to build a positive, high performance mindset.

Chelsea is a proud ambassador for mental health charities R U OK? and The Gidget Foundation.

"Chelsea undertook a keynote to our team of about 200 people as part of our offsite. She used a clever balance of science, logic and real life examples to help our team with resilience, mental health and wellbeing. Chelsea's speaking style made it feel like she was speaking one on one to each of us in the crowd. Since the event many of our people continue to embrace Chelsea's many life hacks to improve sleep and mental health. I can highly recommend Chelsea to your business." 

-Chris Langton, General Manager, WESTPAC

Mindset Reset

Keynote Presentation

Do you want to know how to become a calmer, happier and more productive version of yourself?

To function at our best, we need to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing. That’s where Mindset Reset comes in.

In this entertaining live session, Chelsea will give you lifelong tools to adopt into your daily routine to reduce stress and burnout, tap into positive energy and build resilience. So that when you face a setback, you don’t just bounce back - you bounce forward and grow stronger.

What to Expect: 

Real time tools of stress, signs & symptoms for a mental health condition, creating connection, mental resilience, gut health for mental health, sleep for productivity.

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"Chelsea's ability to engage and energise our people through her workshops across the country on "Mindset and Mental Fitness" was amazing - learning valuable and practical brain hacks to take control of our own health. If you haven't heard Chelsea speak you are missing out! Highly recommend you connect with Chelsea and see for yourself."

-Gayle Brown, Director of People, CBRE

Corporate & Virtual Workshops

Our workshops provide real time tools for corporate professionals and executive leadership and teams. 

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The Science of Calm, Mindfulness

Our frame of mind is being challenged like never before.  Explore stress management techniques to reduce the noise.  We also look at how our emotions, and those around us, are contagious, so how can we ensure we are creating positivity and reducing our exposure to negative thoughts. We will explore some tools for resilience and leave you with a few immunity boosting tips.

Clarity in a World of Distractions

More than ever we are surrounded by distractions that take us away from our priorities and our health.  Chelsea will teach you how to disconnect from technology with some small simple hacks to refresh, refocus and revitalise.  We all face set-backs and negativity, so today’s session will equip you with strategies to bounce back from adversity. You will also leave the session with some tips to help you thrive in your physical and mental health.

Creating High Performance Habits

Explore how some simple changes to your routine and mindset will have a dramatic impact on your output.  With so many distractions causing us to lose sight of what is most important, we will explore some ways to get back on track and adopt the right mindset to improve your results.  We  will share some simple strategies to increase productivity and look at how work time can be optimised

Resilience Through Uncertainty

"Don't just bounce back, bounce forward"

Explore the impact of uncertainty and the external environment on our mental health and productivity.  Chelsea will share a series of tools for success and to create a positive mindset. With stress we can become overwhelmed.  In this workshop we will explore some strategies to keep you focused, performing at your best and with less stress. 

Goal Setting and Visualisation

Help reach your goals at both work and in your personal life.  We will explore how vision boards are effective in creating an awareness and focus in your daily life.  We examine research in how goals are met and discover how to stay on track when it is often so easy to stray from your purpose.  We will examine how to make goals effective, how we can create motivation, and ways to become accountable. 

Gut Health for Mental Health

Have you ever heard that your gut is your second brain?  Well it turns out the two are linked and how you feed your brain, significantly impacts your mood.  Today we will explore how serotonin is created in the gut and how depression is closely linked to a poor diet.  We will explore some simple strategies to improve your nutrition, and improve how you feel.  Plus your output and performance will be increased as you maximise your health.

Sleep for Success

“Sleep may well be the greatest performance enhancer available” Dr Matt Walker.  

Join Chelsea as she shares some simple tips to improve your sleep and keep you operating at your best.  We will explore what coffee can do to your sleep and how your routine sets you up for success and why screens are so detrimental to your sleep quality.  The adverse effects on your health are dramatic if sleep is not a top priority.

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Some of the clients we have worked with

"Chelsea is knowledgeable, professional and provides inspiration for change. Her knowledge and how she imparts this with enthusiasm and empathy is what creates the spark for change. Whether you are looking to support your team with self care tools, drive resilience and productivity, or drive sustainability in your leadership team, investing in time with EQ Minds is one of the best things you can do"

-Michelle Stewart, General Manager, DEVICE TECHNOLOGIES

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