The Mindful Journey

A bespoke workshop series to equip your team with the tools and motivation they need to become mindful high performers.

Keynote Speakers Chelsea Pottenger and Jay Pottenger

Is your team overwhelmed? Do they need support in building a resilient mindset? Do you want to increase productivity without increasing stress?

The Mindful Journey is designed to embed a new mindful approach to the way your team works. Helping them increase their productivity and performance without being overwhelmed.

How it works:

The Mindful Journey has three phases: foundation, build and grow.

The journey starts with reseting a new mindful foundation, it builds with a range of skills to manage the demands of work and life before giving your team the tools to grow.

With a range of workshops available in each phase, you can cater the Mindful Journey to what your team needs in order to embed change.

EQ Minds Mindful Journey Wellbeing Workshop Series

The Phases:


Creating a mindful base by leveraging science to get the most from your brain.

Workshops Available:

Clarity in a World
of Distractions

How to create effective routines to maintain focus.

Your Mindset,
The Science of Calm

How to manage stress to strengthen your frame of mind.


Equip your team with strategies to manage stress, to be resilient in change, how to really focus and make sleep and gut health work for them, not against them.

Workshops Available:

Resilience through Uncertainty

How to focus your mindset to deal and thrive in change.

Productivity in the Workplace

How to create sustainable, productive habits, mindfully.

Sleep for Success

How to improve your sleep to operate at your best.

Gut Health
for Mental Health

How to feed your second brain to improve your mental health.


 Tools to unlock energy, motivation and perspective to build a growth mindset to achieve goals, whilst fostering a connected culture.

Workshops Available:

Mindfulness for Energy 
and Motivation

How to use mindful tools to find clarity, energy and resilience.

 Thriving in a Flexible Workplace

How to create a flexible workplace that empowers employees to perform at their best.

Goal Setting and

 How to make, visualise and achieve effective goals.

Raising Resilient Kids

How to help your child focus and build a resilient mindset and attitude.

In changing the way they approach work, The Mindful Journey will help your team become a stronger and happier version of themselves without feeling overwhelmed.


"We highly recommend the EQ mind wellness series. Jay and Chelsea do an amazing job in bringing an engaging, thoughtful, well researched series. Thank you!"

- Jacki Mitri - Netwealth