Breakout Activities

Our breakout activities provide a change of pace or a wonderful reward for your attendees; helping them to release tension and recharge their batteries. Give them a mental and physical boost in the midst of your next event.




Our guided meditation session will provide a reset for your attendees. It's the perfect way to give them a moment of peace and quiet in a busy event schedule. Facilitated by our accredited Meditation teachers, your attendees will leave the breakout session feeling calm, focused and refreshed.


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Chelsea Kate Evans Meditation Breakout session



This simple but powerful practice involves focusing on the breath and using specific breathing techniques to bring about physical, emotional and mental benefits. Facilitated by our trained teachers, breathwork is a great way for your attendees to take a moment and tune into their bodies, quiet their minds, and boost their energy levels.


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Summer Land Keynote Speaker - EQ MINDS Breathwork breakout session



Bring movement, strength and flexibility to your next conference. Facilitated by trained yoga teacher Chelsea Kate, she will get your attendees out of their heads and into their bodies. No matter their experience level, Chelsea will create a flow that leaves your attendees balanced and energised for the conference ahead.


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Chelsea Kate Evans Yog Breakout Session for EQ Minds

Want just one breakout activity or more? Get in touch and we can create a package that will suit your next event.

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