Mindful Sales Training Workshop

Elevate Your Sales Team: Master Mindful Selling

Set your sales team apart from competitors by anchoring them in the present and prioritising connection and purpose to their clients' needs, goals, and preferred communication styles. This immersive, half-day workshop equips your sales team with the tools to forge deeper connections to both themselves and their clients.

Mindful Sales Training Workshop Overview

In this workshop, your team will delve into mindful techniques that are designed to:

Enhance Client Relationships:

Actively listen and engage in mindful conversations, to create value and foster genuine understanding with clients.


Improve Sales Strategy:

Enhance focus, observation skills, and strategic analysis to refine their sales strategy for maximum effectiveness.


Increase Sales Conversion:

Empower your team to provide tailored solutions that convert by gaining a deeper understanding of client needs.


Ashley Whitehead taking a women through a workshop session

Reduce Stress and Burnout:

Equip your sales team with techniques to alleviate stress and strengthen emotional resilience.


Cultivate grit and resilience:

Develop skills that foster determination, resilience and the ability to bounce back after challenges.


Fuel Personal and Professional Growth:

Refine mindfulness skills to experience growth that extends beyond sales, enriching their professional and personal life.


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The workshop includes:

Our half day workshops go beyond just theory and are focused on enabling tangible outcomes through:

Several people standing during a workshop activity

Engaging Activities

Immersive learning through interactive exercises

A mindful sales worksheet on an ipad

Focused Worksheets

Practical tools for immediate application

Three people sitting in a conference room collaborating

Collaborative Sessions

Breakouts for enhanced understanding

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"Mindful sales is about striving for excellence with drive and focus while leading with heart and empathy"


Ashley Whitehead

The Mindful Sales training workshop is for:

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New sales teams seeking comprehensive training

A line drawing of three people sitting toegther

Seasoned sales teams looking to explore different techniques

A line drawing of a team walking together

Sales team aspiring to ground their approach in mindfulness

Each workshop is tailored to answer your team’s specific requirements

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Ashley facilitated a session that was highly engaging, practical and informative with fantastic storytelling weaved throughout. We had great feedback from the team who loved Ashley's engaging manner and her practical wellbeing tips that could be applied straight away. I would recommend working with Ashley on any workplace wellbeing initiative.

– Tammie Bennett, Senior People and Culture Leader - Brisbane Catholic Education

Facilitated by

Ashley Whitehead

Ashley Whitehead is a corporate leader, mental health ambassador and experienced global sales trainer who empowers individuals with the tools they need to fuel their bodies and minds. As a multiple award winner of sales representative of the year, Ashley understands the challenges both your team and your leaders face in reaching and exceeding sales targets, year after year.


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