Virtual Workshops

Support, inspire and optimise your team’s mental health and performance.

Our virtual workshops share science based strategies to provide your team with easy and actionable tools to feel and work better.

We train over 90,000 corporate professionals every year to help take care of their wellbeing and optimise their output. From executives to teams in organisation’s large and small, across every industry.


Chelsea Pottenger Mindfulness and Resilience Virtual Workshop Facilitator

The Workshops

Our virtual workshops will teach your team how to reduce stress, negativity and burnout through a mindset change to build clarity, healthy habits and resilience.

Discussion based and interactive, we create a fun and safe environment to make the workshops engaging and effective.

Duration: 45mins to 60mins
Platforms: We use your preferred platform, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, WebinarJam and many more.

Clarity in a World of Distraction Virtual Workshop with Chelsea Pottenger

Clarity in a World of Distractions


How to maintain focus in a world of distractions.


Finding Balance


How to lower stress and restore balance.


Rob Horstman Leadership Speaker

Psychological Safety


How to embed trust and innovation in your team.

Productivity in the Workplace Virtual Workshop with Jay Pottenger

Productivity in the Workplace


How to create sustainable, productive habits through mindfulness. 

Rob Horstman Leadership Speaker

Mindful Leadership


How to lead with purpose and compassion.


Summer Land Communication and collaboration speaker

Mindful Communication & Connection

With Summer Land

How to connect and communicate effectively.

Rob Horstman presenting Resilience Through Uncertainty Virtual Workshop

Resilience through Uncertainty


How to focus your mindset to deal and thrive in change.

Sleep for Success Virtual Workshop with Summer Land

Sleep for Success


How to improve your sleep to operate at your best.

Ashley Whitehead Gut Health Speaker

Fuel Up


How to feed your mind and body to thrive.

Mindfulness for Energy and Motivation Virtual Workshop wiith Jay Pottenger

Mindfulness for Energy & Motivation


How to use mindful tools to find clarity, energy and resilience.

Goal Setting and Visualisation Virtual Workshop with Chelsea Pottenger

Goal Setting & Visualisation


How to make, visualise and achieve effective goals.


"We have received an overwhelming positive response to the sessions, which have provided our people with practical tips to navigate life in a Covid environment. Chelsea is engaging, empathetic and knowledgeable in her delivery, and shares scientific facts and real life examples that are easy to digest and relate to. An impactful and unique presenter, Chelsea adds value to any wellbeing strategy."

- Ewen Stafford, CFO, Bank of Queensland

Our Facilitators


Chelsea is a leading authority on mental health. An International Motivational Speaker and Accredited Mindfulness & Meditation coach, Chelsea has worked with many of the world’s leading brands such as eBay, Google, Telstra, CBA and Macquarie Bank to improve team wellbeing.  As a Psychology student, Chelsea combines science and personal stories to share practical tools for your team to build a positive, high performance mindset.

"Chelsea is an amazing facilitator who is passionate, knowledgeable and creates real change for the better with her clients. The HP team has really benefited from our sessions with her. I highly recommend Chelsea and the great work she does.

- Michael Boyle, Managing Director, HP


Jay is a Speaker, Accredited Mindfulness & Meditation coach and General Manager at EQ Minds. For 15 years, he worked with companies such as Westpac and Deutsche Bank, leading and training teams to improve their productivity for sustained success. Now, he works with high profile clients like IAG, Estee Lauder, BOQ and Class Limited to guide productivity and performance through mindfulness.

"Our workshop with Jay from EQ Minds on High Performance was so insightful and perfectly timed! Jay brought a wealth of knowledge and many great practical tips to the workshop which I know a lot of people appreciated.

A huge thank you to Jay and Chelsea from EQ Minds for helping us to build healthier habits in 2021!"

- Ashleigh Wilson, Human Resources Manager, Estee Lauder


Summer Land gives you the confidence and mindfulness tools needed to act triumphantly and sustainably in everyday life. As an author, writer and speaker, Summer is passionate about helping individuals and teams collaborate more efficiently, perform more effectively and produce work that doesn't come at the cost of their mental or physical health. Her witty and honest voice will renew your team’s energy, improve communication, and encourage healthy habits. Summer has authored and ghostwritten over ten books and has had work featured in Elle Australia, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, ABC and Mamamia.

"Summer is such an engaging speaker and uses just the right amount of humour to get some really interesting points across to her participants.

I highly recommend Summer's session on "Sleep for Success" for anyone who really wants to perform at their best in their busy professional and personal lives."



With over two decades of leadership experience, Rob Horstman knows firsthand the challenges of working in high-pressure, complex environments and the impact it can have on mental wellbeing. Rob will empower your team to lead with purpose and compassion whether they hold a leadership title or not.

"Chelsea has been providing Dexus with invaluable mindfulness sessions over the past 4 years! Chelsea is our mental health ambassador and we look forward to her insightful delivery of a range of topics with each new series. Chelsea is warm, professional and such a delight to work with. The feedback we receive following her sessions is always positive not just for the content but for the way in which Chelsea educates us all on mental health. We are so fortunate to partner with EQ Minds and I could not recommend highly enough. Every organisation needs to experience working with Chelsea especially as we pivot out of a challenging year."

- Gerogie Brown-Dexus, Workplace Experience Manager


With a degree in Physiology, Sport Science and Nutrition, Ashley offers practical and actionable strategies to help increase your energy levels, nourish your body and rediscover your zest for life. Ashley's guidance will fuel you from the inside out to improve your overall wellbeing

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