The Mindful High Performer by Chelsea Pottenger
The Mindful High Performer Book by Chelsea Pottenger

The last few years have seen us work harder and longer than ever. You worked harder, but were you happier?

The way you approach your daily tasks and life goals directly impacts your success and your mental health. You perform better not at the sacrifice of your mental health but because of it.

If you feel burnt out, anxious, depressed or stressed, this book will guide you to a healthier foundation so you can operate at a high-performance level without feeling overcommitted, overwhelmed or simply over it.

This practical, science-based guide will help you learn how to live a stronger, calmer and happier life.

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Chelsea Pottenger Author of The Mindful High Performer


Chelsea Pottenger  


Founder and Director of EQ MINDS, Chelsea Pottenger is one of Australia’s most popular corporate wellness presenters. Chelsea is on a mission to reset the corporate agenda, asking businesses to prioritise their employees mental health first.
This mission is grounded and inspired by her own experience. Chelsea experienced severe PostNatal Depression (PND) following the birth of her daughter six years ago. In her journey to recovery, she retrained and adopted a new way of living, integrating a new set of tools into her life to manage and optimise her mental health.
An accredited mindfulness and meditation coach, psychology student and a Mental Health Ambassador for R U OK? and Gidget Foundation Australia, Chelsea works with the world’s biggest brands including Google, eBay and Estee Lauder, training professionals in every field to take charge of their mental wellbeing.

Jessica Rowe


Jessica Row Reviews Chelsea Pottenger's book



Chelsea is a special soul whose practical tips can help you change your life. Her simple strategies have helped me to calm my busy mind!


Jessica Rowe


How to use  

The Mindful High Performer  

Think of this book as a companion you can always turn to when times feel tough or you need to super-charge your mindset. You could be having an identity crisis, health scare or relationship breakdown. You could be anxious about public speaking or asking for a promotion. You could be rehabbing an injury or trying to face a fear of flying. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, use this book as your reminder that you have the capacity to strengthen your mental and physical health when you need it.

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Chelsea Pottenger Author

Chelsea Pottenger:
Keynote Speaker

Harness the power, purpose and performance of a refreshed mind.

With a mix of science and personal stories, Chelsea shares practical strategies to reset your wellbeing at work and in life. Chelsea will inspire and energise your team to perform at their best, while maintaining good self care and a healthy work life balance.

Chelsea Pottenger works with many large corporate organisations and small independent businesses everyday, to educate and empower action.

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