Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing for Leaders

Mental Fitness Training Workshop

Research reveals that 9 in 10 Australian workers consider a mentally healthy workplace important. Our immersive, mental fitness training workshop equips your management team with the skills and tools to champion mental health in the workplace.

Mental Fitness Training Workshop Overview

Arm your leaders with a mental health toolkit that will enable them to:


• Recognise signs and symptoms of mental health challenges

• Identify these signs within both themselves and their team members


• Foster a safe and supportive environment for your staff

• Effectively set boundaries and prioritise tasks

Learn to foster safe work environments with Chelsea Pottenger


• Break down stigma surrounding mental health

• Encourage open discussions and uncover genuine solutions

promote open discussion about mental health at work with Chelsea Pottenger


• Equip your team with tools for their wellbeing and self-care

• Foster resilience to navigate challenges

protect your wellbeing at work with Chelsea Pottenger
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The workshop includes:

Our half day workshops go beyond just theory and are focused on enabling tangible outcomes through:

EQ Minds Engaging Activities

Engaging Activities

Immersive learning through interactive exercises

EQ Minds focused worksheets

Focused Worksheets

Practical tools for immediate application

EQ Minds collaborative sessions

Collaborative Sessions

Breakouts for enhanced understanding

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"Mental health is not a destination, but a lifelong journey. Leaders who prioritise their own wellbeing inspire those around them to do the same."


Chelsea Pottenger

The Mental Fitness training workshop is for:

eq minds helping Leaders committed to supporting their team's mental health

Leaders committed to supporting their team's mental health

eq minds encouraging Leaders wanting to enhance their teams' overall wellbeing

Leaders wanting to enhance their teams' overall wellbeing

eq minds helping Leaders seeking to refresh their knowledge on mental health practices

Leaders seeking to refresh their knowledge on mental health practices

Each workshop is tailored to answer your team’s specific requirements

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This was a great session with our amazing team…. Being able to help and support each other and also putting ourselves in the best shape to front up each day for the people that rely on us is just so important. I cannot recommend Chelsea Pottenger highly enough - the feedback from the team was incredibly positive. If we all attempt to change peoples lives for the better, imagine just how great our workplace, teams and people can be.

– Michael Hampson

Facilitated by

Chelsea Pottenger

Chelsea Pottenger is an accredited Mindfulness & Meditation practitioner, R U Ok? Ambassador and psychology student. Author of 'The Mindful High Performer', Chelsea combines science and personal stories to share practical tools for your team to build a healthier, high performance mindset.


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Chelsea Pottenger founder and speaker at EQ Minds

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