Leadership and Resilience Training Workshop

Building resilient leaders for a thriving future

In a landscape where change is the norm, the strength and agility of resilient leadership drives your business to sustained success. In this immersive, half day leadership and resilience training workshop, your leaders will acquire both the mindset and the skills to drive your business forward.

Training Workshop Overview

Empower your leaders with a comprehensive toolkit that includes:

Individual Growth

Mindful Skills: Embrace mindfulness and adaptive decision-making

Authentic Leadership: Develop authenticity and empathy as core strengths

Stress Management: Strategies to overcome stress and enhance performance 

Rob Horstman working with a person on leadership skills

Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Wellbeing: Implementing practical methods for psychological safety

Change Management: Strategies for effectively managing change

Respectful Culture: Fostering a culture of respect and authenticity

A team of people collaborating together

Team Synergy

Team Dynamics: Nurturing verbal and nonverbal communication for safety and creativity

Empathetic Conversations: Techniques for handling difficult conversations with empathy and purpose

Mindful Teamwork: Encouraging collaborative and mindful teamwork

Rob Horstman facilitating a leadership training sessions
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The workshop includes:

A group of people participating in a workshop

Engaging Activities

Immersive learning through interactive exercises

A worksheet on an ipad

Focused Worksheets

Practical tools for immediate application

Two team members collaborating on a table

Collaborative Sessions

Breakouts for enhanced understanding

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"Self-awareness and authenticity are the cornerstones of successful leadership. To excel as a leader in any aspect of life, we must first lead ourselves."

Rob Horstman

The Leadership and Resilience training workshop is for:

A line drawing of a leader

Executive Leadership

Pioneering cultural transformation

A leader leaving the office

Emerging Leaders

Stepping into new roles with confidence

A line drawing of a leader on their laptop

Change Navigators

Leading through constant change

We tailor each workshop to your team’s requirements.

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Facilitated by

Rob Horstman

Rob is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in both business, local government and community. Rob will empower your team to lead with purpose and compassion whether they hold a leadership title or not.


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