How to protect your energy and emotional state with psychologist Sabina Read

Season #3

Today's guest is Sabina Read, psychologist, human behaviour expert, speaker, facilitator, mentor and media spokesperson.

Sabina is on a mission to help you become the architect of your life. Through lived experiences and decades of study, Sabina shows you how to take your struggles, fears and anxiety, and work through them so that you can feel empowered, connected and equipped for whatever life throws at you. 

Sabina is a wealth of knowledge who takes widely studied psychology-based concepts and makes them easy to understand so that you can integrate them into your own life. 

What to expect in this episode: 

- Sabina's story and how she became a psychologist 

- What is an empath and how to protect your energy if you are one

- Understanding your own learnt behaviours and patterns 

- Knowing how to fill up your own cup

- Navigating interpersonal relationships, whilst maintaining your own energy and looking after yourself 

- How to teach your children to be emotionally intelligent 

- What Sabina does for her mental health 

Sabina shares so many practical tools you can implement today. We got so much out of this episode and hope you do too. 


A note from us: 

We have decided to take a pause on podcasts and meditations, and so today will be the last new episode for a little while. 

We want you to know that we are here and still completely dedicated to helping you take charge of your mental wellbeing. We have so much free content backlogged for you to visit, including hundreds of free meditations and podcasts you can listen to here: 


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