Setting boundaries between work and personal life with Jay Pottenger

Season #3

Today's guest is Jay Pottenger, General Manager of EQ Minds, Keynote Speaker and husband to Chelsea Pottenger. 

Jay is incredibly passionate about helping people create healthy habits through mindfulness. As an ex-athlete, high corporate performer, husband and father, Jay understands the stressors of modern living and how discipline and healthy habits is crucial in achieving freedom. 

In today's conversation, Chelsea and Jay discuss effective strategies to make your life easier and more fulfilling.

What you can expect from this episode: 

  • Challenges Chelsea & Jay face being married and owning a business together
  • How they balance their work and personal schedules
  • Learning how to say no
  • Boundaries they set to ensure "switching off" from work 
  • Understanding one another's perspective and the best way they individually work 

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IG: @eqminds & @chelseapottengerofficial

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