Why saying "I'm not okay" are the three strongest words you can say with Mitch Wallis

Season #3

Today's guest is Mitch Wallis, a leading figure in mental health education on a lifelong mission to empower others to feel understood. After working for Microsoft for almost 7 years, he left his successful corporate career to devote himself full time to helping overcome suffering and revisioning the mind’s healing potential through the power of storytelling, connection and living with authenticity. 

Mitch founded Heart on my sleeve, a global health initiative and created “Real Conversations” and “Real mates” for mental health support and education in Australia. As a wellbeing consultant, he has collaborated with companies like Google, Amazon and has advised the UN on youth mental health. He currently hosts the “UNDERSTOOD” podcast and has a Masters of Psychology degree from Columbia University in New York. 

What you can expect from this episode: 

  • Mitch's story 
  • Shame & vulnerability 
  • Why saying "I'm not okay" is a sign of strength 
  • The service it does to humanity when you speak your truth 
  • The three foundational pillars Mitch lives by for his own mental wellbeing 

Enjoy the show!


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