How to raise resilient and compassionate children with Lael Stone

Season #3

This week's guest is Lael Stone. Parenting educator and consultant, TEDx speaker, Co-creator of Woodline Primary, Speaker for The Resilience Project and Author of best-selling book - Raising Resilient and Compassionate Children. 

Born from personal experience, Lael saw the need for a more connected and empathetic approach in helping mothers and babies who experienced trauma, and so she went on to create workshops and support groups which empower parents to create stronger bonds with their children. 

As Lael’s three children moved into teenage years, Lael saw the need for healthy ways to address relationships, sexuality and wellbeing with honesty and humour, and so The Connection Program was born, a series of workshops helping teenagers navigate puberty, sexuality, relationships with a sense of self. 

Lael now juggles overseeing Woodline Primary - a pioneering schools that opened in February 2021, as well as delivering ‘Connected Parenting’ workshops for The Resilience Project and is a co-host of The Aware Parenting Podcast. 

This episode is full of so much valuable information, and even if you aren’t a parent, the introspection on your own childhood and how you interact with children and teenagers today is incredibly insightful. 

What you can expect in this episode: 

  • Lael’s story and how she got into the work she does 
  • When to start teaching your children about emotions 
  • Role modeling behaviours  
  • The best way to support your children when they’re sad 
  • Teaching children how to set healthy boundaries 
  • How Lael takes care of her mental health 

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