How to step into your power with Kemi Nekvapil

Season #3

Kemi Nekvapil is one of Australia's leading credentialed coaches for female executives and entrepreneurs, a global speaker/facilitator, endurance athlete, a mother of teenagers, wife, dedicated gardener and early stage flower farmer. 

Kemi has worked in the wellness industry for more than 25 years and holistic leadership for 10 years. Having studied leadership and purpose at The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan, trained as a yoga teacher in India with a 23-year yoga and meditation practice, Kemi understands there is a process for meaningful connection to ourselves, our work, our families and our communities.

Training with Dr Brenè Brown in Texas in 2019, Kemi is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, working with
teams and organisations to create daring leaders and courageous cultures. Kemi is also a lead facilitator for The Hunger Project Australia, leading immersive leadership programs to Africa and is a mentor for AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience). She is the author of three books; Raw Beauty, The Gift of Asking and best seller POWER - A woman's guide to living and leading without apology. 

What you can expect in this episode: 

  • Kemi's story 
  • What it means to rebuild & acknowledge your power 
  • Taking ownership over what's happened and what is happening right now 
  • Questions to ask yourself to heal and improve your life
  • Actionable steps to taking more respsonsbility 
  • What Kemi does for her own mental wellbeing 

Kemi is full of wisdom and we know that you will take a lot from this episode! 

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