Mindful tool: I'm here to hear: Recognising the signs of mental illness

Season #3

Hear to hear: Recognising the signs of mental illness.

This week marks R U OK Day and we are here to break the stigma on mental health and encourage open conversations.

**trigger warning** this episode discusses suicide and mental illness. It may be best to step away from this podcast if this topic is triggering to you, your wellbeing is important. 

What to expect in this episode:

  •  Chelsea talks openly about her relapse in 2020 and how looks can be deceiving
  •  Recognising the signs of mental illness in others, as well as in yourself
  •  What to say when someone else needs help: how to have the conversation
  •  Where to turn to when you need help
  •  Breaking the stigma on medication

This episode is honest, vulnerable and we hope it sheds some light on questions you may have. For those who know someone struggling, Chelsea offers guidance on approaching the conversation. And if you're the one facing challenges, we point the way to support. Always remember, you're not alone.

Contact Numbers you can call for help:

Australia & New Zealand - Lifeline 24/7

13 11 14

North America - Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

1800 273 8255


United Kingdom - National Suicide Prevention Helpline 

0800 689 5652



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