How to get started with meditation with Leah Simmons

Season #3

Today's guest is the beautiful Leah Simmons, a certified pilates instructor, personal trainer and kundalini yoga teacher with a very strong passion for health and fitness. 

Leah understands that "we are so much more than just a physical body" and after many years of self-discovery she created and founded KAAIAA, a training model that integrates your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

What to you can expect from this episode:

  • What meditation really is and how to get started 
  • Practical attainable goals when it comes to rituals that support your wellbeing
  • Taking responsibility for your own mental health
  • Finding safety within your body and mind
  • The tools that Leah leans on for her own mental health 

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties the first part of the podcast wasn’t recorded properly, however we decided to still release the second half of the podcast as the content is just too beneficial not to share.

Enjoy the show!

Connect with Leah Simmons:

IG: @iamleahsimmons


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IG: @eqminds & @chelseapottengerofficial

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