How to master connecting with others with Summer Land

Season #3

Today we are joined by author, Summer Land. Summer, a good friend and the incredible ghostwriter of Chelsea’s best selling book ‘The Mindful High Performer.’

Summer is passionate about helping people communicate and connect effectively with empathy and integrity in the workplace and in personal life. Summer is witty, authentic and energetic with her bubbly and bright personality.

Join Chelsea and Summer as they discuss:

  1. Summer’s story and how she became a ghostwriter
  2. Reframing how you go back into the workplace
  3. Connection tips with colleagues
  4. Connection tips with friends
  5. What is tactical empathy and how to use it
  6. How to have difficult conversations
  7. What Summer does to protect her mental health

This 15 minute episode is full of practical tips to help you better connect in your every day life. We hope you enjoy!

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IG: @summerlandwrites


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IG: @eqminds & @chelseapottengerofficial

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