Self-awareness & shifting your perspective with Janine Shepherd

Season #3

"I could've gone either way". After a near death experience and being told she'd never walk again, Janine could have simply given up. Now, she lives a life they thought was impossible.

Janine Shepherd is an internationally renowned speaker, author and currently undertaking her PhD in resilience and disability. She is a former champion skier whose inspiring TED talk, “A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person,” has garnered over 2 million views and has been awarded an Order of Australia for her work in the disability sector.

After a bike accident ended her athletic career, Janine faced a daunting recovery and an uncertain
future. With permanent disability, she went on to become a commercial pilot and aerobatics flight
instructor, earn a university degree and author six best-selling books. Told she would never have
children; she is a mum to three kids.

Join Chelsea and Janine as they discuss:

  • The science behind resilience
  • Writing your own story.
  • Why gratitude is so important and
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs.

Janine sheds light on her own personal insights as well as years of study into resilience and how she came to realise the importance of forgiveness.

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