How to use your voice with Antoinette Lattouf

Season #3

Antoinette Lattouf, media personality, mental health ambassador, TEDx speaker, co-founder of Media Diversity Australia, and the author of 'How to Lose Friends and Influence White People'.

Antoinette Latouff has gone through incredible challenges to get to where she is today and seeks to increase cultural and linguistic diversity in Australia's news media. Antoinette speaks openly and vulnerably about her own challenges with postpartum and advocates for more support and awareness for perinatal mental health.

Join Chelsea and Antoinette as they discuss how you don't need to accept what has been delivered to you, the myth of having it all, and how to feel confident in your own voice.

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IG: @antoinette_lattouf

How to lose friends and influence white people: 

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