Perimenopause, breaking the cycle of silence with Shelly Horton

Season #2

Today's guest is Shelly Horton. Shelly Horton is a journalist, TV presenter, keynote speaker, MC, she runs her own business - ShellShocked Media and is an out-and-proud peri warrior. She’s too busy to put up with her peri symptoms, but it’s rare to see her without a fan.

She joins Chelsea to have an open and honest discussion on why perimenopause shouldn't be taboo. In our chat we discuss:

- What is perimenopause

- The signs and symptoms of perimenopause

- Tips on how to get through perimenopause

- Resources you can use for support and how to find the right doctor for you. 

She and her bestie Dr Ginni Mansberg have created Don't Sweat It, an online course about managing and supporting perimenopause and menopause in the workplace.


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