How to become happy with Robert Mack

Season #2

Join Robert Mack as he joins Chelsea to discuss how to become happy. Rob Mack is Ivy-League-Educated Positive Psychology Expert, Celebrity Happiness Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Published Author. As seen on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E!, and OWN.

Rob & Chelsea discuss:

  • Rob's story and how he searched and found happiness. 
  • How happiness is inside of you and how to own it.
  • The truth about how success won't lead to happiness but how happiness leads to success.
  • Tips for unconditional happiness
  • Why saying in shape helps Rob stay happy and mentally fit.
  • We gained so much insight from Rob’s story and we know you will too. 

Please note this episode mentions suicide. If this triggers you in anyway please either skip this podcast or reach out to your doctor or psychologist for support. 


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Book: Love Inside Out Inspiration Yourself

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