Sex and mental health with Nadia Sutton

Season #1

Being a mental health ambassador I was really curious about this topic! Desire, orgasms, stress, smoke salmon and the 10 second kissing rule. 

Some people might spend a lifetime searching for the pearls of information In today’s episode, Nadia Sutton — a world-renowned sexologist — is here to pull back the curtain on sex and mental health. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • Should you get a bed divorce (0.24)
  • Is quantity better or quality (like mind blowing sex). Can you actually have both? (1.15)
  • When should foreplay begin? (1.55)
  • Stress management techniques - Rest, foreplay, orgasm, sex (2.36)
  • Does having an orgasm help with anxiety and stress reduction? (2.55)
  • Smoked salmon versus pork sausage theory (4.42)
  • How to still desire something when we already have it (5.40)
  • The 10 second kiss rule (7.10)
  • Tips to spark up long term relationships (8.50)

Thank you for joining us on this journey! We hope you enjoy it!