Eat, Drink and Still Shrink with Michele Chevally Hedge

Season #1

Michele is a nutritionist, author and incredible keynote speaker (its how we met!). Wellness is a serious business, but Michele makes it fun, sexy and attainable. "Each of us are individuals - we must eat real whole foods, add a bit of coffee and wine and BOOM we are happy.” 

This episode is full of great nutritional hacks and one of my favourites of Michele's hacks is not to deprive yourself. Hence her book “eat, drink and still shrink!”

In this episode we chat about:

  • What drew her to nutrition and made her leave the corporate world (0.17)
  • The biggest mistakes Michele notices healthy people doing (1.57)
  • Don’t live in deprivation, live in nourishment (5.02)
  • What’s on your plate for breakfast? How should we start the day? (6.39)
  • Fasting isn’t for everyone (7.30)
  • Micro habits #NOGUILT (10.54)