Part 2: Eat, Drink and Still Shrink with Michele Chevally Hedge

Season #1

In this 2 part series, we invite Michele back to explore more micro habits to live a more fulfilling, creative and happier life. “If it's tasty, easy, affordable and repeatable, then all of a sudden you have a new healthy habit” - Michele Chevally Hedge. 

In this episode we chat about 

- What is her anti-aging secret (0.50)

- Drink half your body weight in height! (2.30)

- Why you should taper your hydration after 3pm? (3.55)

- 2 foods that raise our resting heart rate that burns fat without exercise (4.40)

- What snack options should we have on hand? (6.01)

- How to fix the 3pm slump (9.05) 

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