Weights, transitions and staying accountable with Danny Kennedy

Season #1

Danny Kennedy is the personal trainer to some of Australia’s biggest names, and what I like about him so much is his down to earth approach and his bespoke training he offers all of his clients. Whether you are A list, or Chelsea off the street looking to lose a few kilos. This podcast will give you so many ideas and I ended up introducing 3 new behavioural changes after speaking with Danny and I’m starting to already see some serious results! Join us for a slightly longer episode where Danny shares him wisdom. 

"Do the small things well, on a consistent basis and this is what brings the big results” - Danny Kennedy 

In this episode we chat about:

  • How does he make his fitness programs bespoke? (1.30)
  • What are Danny’s top 3 hacks for fitness (4.50)
  • Know your numbers! (6.10)
  • Why weight’s don't make us huge and bulky (8.01)
  • How to stay accountable (10.01)
  • Extra bonus tip that Michael Klim does (11.35) 
  • What Danny does for his mental health (15.50)
  • A new INCREDIBLE technique - how to micro shower your mind (17.50)

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