Stepping into your power with Tory Archbold

Season #1

Tory Archbold is the founder of leadership platform, Powerful Steps and Brand Communications agency, Torstar. Tory is regarded as one of Australia’s leading businesswomen. She built Torstar on her foundational values of passion, integrity and delivery, and in doing so, attracted the worlds top retail brands for two decades. Tory pioneered the Australian high-street retail launches in Australian history: Zara, Nespresso, Shopbop, Seafolly, Victoria Secrets and Drew Barrymore. 

The reason why I thought she would be PERFECT for todays podcast, given what people are facing right now with coronavirus and isolation - Tory can equip us all with great tools leaning into this new change, with some kind of optimism and how to step into our personal brand.

“Connection and network is everything. Be active now. People will remember you as a person that was there for them!” - Tory Archbold

“Surround yourself with the right tribe. People who make you accountable, celebrate your success and catch you when you fall.” - Tory Archbold

“Always believe in yourself. Never question your ability. Ever.” - Tory Archbold 

In this episode we chat about:

1.25 How to build self-belief and not listen to the negative self-critic

2.47 The miracle shower technique

3.30 The right kind of tribes

6.43 How to connect and network effectively while we are working remotely

7.15 Your personal brand

8.00 The 3 virtual coffees per week - who they should be with

10.30 Small things matter

11.04  Self-care and the important of a happy heart 

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