Immunity Boosting Tips with Rachael Finch

Season #1

Rachael Finch is a model, Australian TV host, certified Personal Trainer, Mum to Violet and Dominic and founder of her own active wear range Body Finch. Rachael has created a place for women to re-connect with themselves, through fitness, a wholesome way of eating and a holistic approach to everything health related. With our busy lives, and COVID-19, its even more important to stop, nourish, and nurture our body and mind. We captured this conversation while our kids were having a nap and hope you enjoy it!

"Creating calming energy in your home, will then have a flow on effect on your mind and body” - Rachael Finch

"I just want to live to my full potential and have as much energy and vitality as I can” - Rachael Finch

“The average woman puts on 162 chemicals before she even leaves the house!” - Rachael Finch

In this episode we chat about:

1.34 Mind Management - how to keep your mind calm during this time?
4.45 How to make your home a haven? 
7.31 What we put on our body absorbs into our skin. What are some good products that are non toxic? 
16.06 Tips for Mindful movement and sustaining energy 
20.01 How can we stay fit during isolation?

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