How to stay calm with kids at home with Alice Peel

Season #1

Alice Peel is the co-founder of Grow Your Mind, a primary school teacher and has a huge passion for wellbeing. Grow Your Mind's mission is to bring the world of positive psychology and wellbeing to schools and homes. I first heard of them when Clara (then 4yrs old) came home from school and told me about her guard dog in her brain called the amygdala. The next day I rocked up to childcare and Grow Your Mind resources were everywhere and I was blown away how they were teaching kids about resilience, mindfulness and growth mindset at such a young age. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent, don’t miss this podcast. You need to know Grow Your Mind!

“Kids are going to remember how they feel, a lot more than what they learn - during this time” - Alice Peel

“Lower your expectations, where possible, choose connection” - Alice Peel

“Play is transformational” Alice Peel

In this episode we chat about:

2.40 Tips for home schooling while in isolation

7.01 How kids can train their guard dogs (stress centre in the brain)

12.10 The power of our hands - awesome new technique

19.30 how can working parents have harmony in the house?

24.30 Controlling the controllable