How to pivot and stay productive with Lisa Messenger

Season #1

Lisa Messenger is an incredible entrepreneur, game changing CEO and founder of Collective Hub, international speaker, best selling author, investor and an authority on disruption. I love Lisa’s down to earth and vibrant personality and also that she started off in the country making mud pies - like me!

"Find the flow versus walking through mud” Lisa Messenger

“Put health as your number 1 priority, always” Lisa Messenger

“Until 10am I don't do anything that’s externally related. This is my time to work on my inside self ” - Lisa Messenger

In this episode we chat about:

2.10 - Top tips on how to stay productive while working remote

8.10 Entrepreneurship - how you could start creating a side hustle during this time 

12.50 - Having the right mindset with money 

14.04 - A vulnerable share about the collective hub 

16.08 Tool kit that Lisa uses to take care of her mental health 

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