Why GUT health is so important for your immune system with Dr Will Bulsiewicz

Season #1

Dr Will Bulsiewicz is a gastroenterologist and GUT expert with a new book coming on May 12 called Fiber fueled (USA spelling). If you are into science and GUT health this podcast has so many golden nuggets of how you can optimise your Gut health and immune system. Dr B is really down to earth but has cutting edge science to back his work. 

“GUT health is immune health!” - Dr Will Bulsiewicz

“It’s not about superfoods, its about diversity of plants” - Dr Will Bulsiewicz

“80% of your immune cells are made within your GUT” - Dr Will Bulsiewicz 

In this episode we chat about:

1.30 What YOU can do to boost your immune system 

4.50 Where do you find GUT friendly foods

10.30 The number 1 thing that predicts the health of your GUT

18.15 The link between GUT health and mental health

22.00 How GUT health healed my toe nail infection (Eeewww but true!)

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