Getting Real On Post Natal Depression with Jessica Rowe

Season #1

Jessica Rowe is one of Australia’s most fabulous TV presenters, journalists, author and was the co-host of Studio 10 and is member of the Order of Australia for mental health advocacy. She has a new book out called “Diary Of A Crap Housewife’ which is all about being gentle on yourself. The reason I was so excited to have Jessica on our show, was because when I was suffering severe Post Natal Depression in hospital a beautiful friend gave me her book called “Is this my beautiful life?” By Jessica Rowe. Jessica also battled gut-wrenching and severe PND and I thought if someone as fabulous as her could experience PND and recover - perhaps I could too! Her story gave me hope and since then I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, working with her at business chicks and proud to call her a friend. I hope this podcast today, gives you hope - that if you, or someone else around you is going through a mental health condition - you can recover with the right experts around you. If this podcast triggers you in anyway - please go and speak to your trusted GP. You are never alone xx

“I believe in connecting through our stories and the fact that some of my story helped you - reassures me that sharing my story was the right thing to do!” - Jessica Rowe

“When we put voice to our worse fears, they lose some of their potency.” - Jessica Rowe

In this episode we chat about:

1.38 What was your PND experience like?

4.20 Why is there still a stigma around PND?

5.58 Why breastfeeding didn’t work for both of us and why?

7.00 Anxiety, panic attacks and worry about our babies

8.14 The tipping point when I knew I needed to get help

12.40 How to tell your partner when your not coping

14.54 How the burden lifts

19.12 Breaking the stigma on taking anti-depressants

22.20 Turning point to returning to your old self

23.20 The truth about anti-depressants and how they don't make you numb!

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