Mental Resilience with Lauren Jackson

Season #1

Lauren Jackson is one of the most distinguished athletes in basketball history.

“One of the greats” and “MVP,” two titles she received during her WNBA Basketball career, only skims the surface regarding the barriers she thrashed during her tenure as a professional athlete. 

Lauren has recently been appointed the Head of Women in Basketball, at Basketball Australia, where she will be responsible for the strategic direction of sport for women.

Lauren balances motherhood to two beautiful boys and her rising career as she continues to strive for greatness, on and off the court. Being a girlfriend of Lauren's this episode gives you a raw account and insight into this athletic superstar. 

"When I first saw my son's face, Harry, I knew what I had been longing for"

In this episode we chat about:

1.32 What has been Lauren's greatest triumphs and how she has found peace with her new life out of the constant highs and lows of playing basketball?

4.50 High profile athletes, are opening up about their post sport challenges. What happens mentally post Olympics for athletes and what did you notice for yourself? 

6.30 Your story is one of resilience, grit and come back. How did you rebuild yourself and what are some tips you can give to people out there who are struggling with their mental health? 

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