Stress management hacks with Cassie Cameron

Season #1

Cassie Cameron is a certified Meditation Teacher, Psych-K Facilitator, entrepreneur and founder of Mind High Club.

Inspired by her own journey of personal transformation and lessons learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey and her 10 year career as an international model, Cassie‘s mission is to empower others with the knowledge and tools to lead happy, healthy, successful and deeply fulfilling lives.

“Gradually over time the more I worked, the more I forgot and let go of the daily practices that kept me grounded” - Cassie Cameron

In this episode we chat about:⁠⁠

  • Mind High Club  (58 seconds)
  • How Meditation changed her life and where her ides come from (5.28)
  • How do you juggle a busy schedule (8.40) 
  • What is your night time routine and how do you unwind at the end of the day? (12.28) 
  • What is Psych-K (14.50 )
  • Amazing and helpful tools you feel help people with anxiety and stress (17.42)

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