Seize The Yay with Sarah Davidson

Season #1

Sarah was a lawyer turned funtrepreneur, in pursuit of balance, Sarah and her partner started Matcha Maiden The matcha mission developed into a physical venue and cutting edge cafe, Matcha Mylkbar, which is taking the food world by storm. She has also started a podcast, Seize the Yay, and it was a mutual friend Danny Kennedy that said - you should get Sarah on the show. Boy, he was right!

“You can’t just work and rest. You need to work, rest and play!” - Sarah Davidson

In this episode we chat about:

  • People sometimes don’t see the hard work of entrepreneurs. What kept you going through the tough days? (2.30)
  • How do you prioritise play in your life? (6.57)
  • Being vulnerable with your mental health - how do you manage this day to day and the go to strategies? (12.27)
  • What does anxiety actually feel like to you? How do you calm down the beast? (20.27)

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