Pre-event tips to calm you down before you present with Tom Williams

Season #1

Tom Williams has enjoyed the wild ride of TV for the last 20 years, graduating from home reno shows, to travel reporter, Olympics in 4 continents, reality and back! “A pure accident that didn’t crash too soon” is how he was once described by best friends. With feet firmly grounded in the sand alongside his wife and gorgeous two little girls, Life has been a wave of rising tides and tales to tell...a scholar of no repute, who has loved and lived every lessons he’s learnt along the way....”I’m like a human Swiss Army knife: I can just do a little bit of everything, and get by.”

“When you are sitting in the ocean and you can see the horizon. Your mindset opens up and nothing is in your way.”
- Tom Williams 

In this episode we chat about:

  • Mindset shifts (1.30)
  • What techniques do you use to calm down or prepare for your performance? (5.36)
  • How to engage an audience? (14.02)
  • What is your key to sustained mental and fitness success? (18.08 )

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