How to create a beautiful calm space at home while in isolation with Simone Mathews

Season #1

Simone Mathews is an Interior designer by trade, creator of the well known holiday property SOUL of Gerringong, online educator at SOUL Home and mother of four boys.  

Her true passion is sharing about how a space makes you feel, connecting the interiors, accommodation and well being industries. Simone and I met at one of our EQ Minds retreats and then I quickly transitioned our retreats to her beautiful property at Soul of Gerringong. She is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing human being. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation! 

"There is such a huge impact on how a space makes you feel and the impact on your wellbeing." - Simone Mathews

In this episode we chat about:

  • How our space impacts our mental health and mood (1.10)
  • Top tips for creating a calm workspace (2.45)
  • How to create a holiday feeling in your bedroom to get good sleep! (4.24)
  • How you could turn your property during COVID into a business later on like holiday property owners? (8.30)
  • How she juggles her business, being a mum of 4 BOYs and her self-care, rituals and boundaries. (12.20)

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