Why budgets don’t work, but this does with Melissa Browne

Season #1

Melissa Browne is a best-selling author, financial educator, accountant, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women live a life by design not default. She is the author of More Money For Shoe's, Fabulous But Broke, the global bestseller Unf*ck Your Finances, and her latest book Budgets Don’t Work (but this does) which I've read and is fabulous!

Melissa is CEO of the financial education business Gen X and Gen Y who want to financially grow up, The Money Barre, Director of Business at the long day Early Learning Communities, Thinkers.inq and up until 2019 was CEO of award-winning accounting and advisory firm AT&TA (accounting and Taxation Advantage). Melissa writes a regular column for the Money Section in the Sydney Morning Herald and regularly featured in mainstream media. 

“When it comes to other areas of your life, you’ve no doubt created a personal approach. Why should it be any different with finances?” - Melissa Browne

In this episode we chat about:

  • (1.03) How stress sabotages us financially
  • (3.41) Do you believe people can be naturally bad with money?
  • (4.47) What’s your money type? Your money type explained!
  • (9.32) Our brains react differently to cash and cards. How we can protect ourselves financially?
  • (15.04) 3 tips Melissa does to protect her mental health 

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