What successful companies are doing to overcome COVID pressures and TIPs you can adopt with Sarah McCann

Season #1

Sarah McCann is the CEO of the Australian HR Institute. She has extensive, global experience in membership and trade bodies and has held senior roles across a variety of sectors in Australia, the UK, and the USA. Sarah was Director General (CEO) of the British Construction Steelwork Association. Previously Sarah held a number of senior executive positions at the Victorian Building and Plumbing Industry Commissions, including as Deputy Commissioner. 

If you are an HR Manager or People Manager this podcast is an excellent resource for you!  
In this episode we chat about:

  • The major trends Sarah is seeing and what are her biggest concerns for HR members? (1.23)
  • What are the most successful companies or people doing to overcome these pressures? (Tips that YOU could adopt) (4.40)
  • How has working from home changed due to COVID? (7.22)
  • Sarah’s top tips for working from home to increase productivity, maintain balance and decrease stress (12.15)

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