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Chelsea Kate Evans empowers people to breathe, move and live with compassion. As a trained Meditation and Yoga teacher, Chelsea Kate shares simple, mindful tools and practices to calm your mind and body. She will help your team reduce stress and reframe negative thoughts to maximise their potential.

Chelsea Kate has worked with leading companies such as Equiem, VIC Roads and DLA Piper.

Chelsea Kate Evans Mindfulness Speaker

"You don’t have to change your life for your life to change"


The Science of Calm 


Our frame of mind is being challenged like never before. In the Science of Calm, we will explore stress management techniques to reduce the noise. We will examine how our emotions, and those around us, are contagious and share how to reframe and reduce our exposure to negative thoughts to create positivity. We will explore a tool for resilience and equip you with mindfulness tips to take care of your mind and body.

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• Resilience
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"Chelsea Kate’s ‘Science of Calm’ presentation gave our team some much needed life hacks to bring greater calm, connection and resilience into our everyday lives. She is such an engaging presenter - the perfect mix of calm energy, keen knowledge, and a good dose of humour!"


Corporate Workshops

Our workshops provide real time tools for corporate professionals and executive leadership teams. 

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Clarity in a World of Distractions Workshop by Chelsea Pottenger

Clarity in a World of Distractions

How to maintain focus in a world of distractions. In this workshop, we will teach you how to disconnect from technology and share simple tips to refresh, refocus and revitalise.

Your Mindset, The Science of Calm Corporate Workshop by Chelsea Kate Evans

Your Mindset, 
The Science of Calm

How to manage stress to strengthen your frame of mind. In this workshop, your team will learn techniques to reduce stress, change their mindset and encourage resilience.  

Resilience Through Uncertainty Corporate Workshop by Chelsea Pottenger

Resilience through Uncertainty

How to focus your mindset to deal and thrive in change. In this workshop, Chelsea will share a series of tools to help your team keep focused and perform at their best with less stress. 

Productivity in the Workplace Corporate Workshop by Jay Pottenger

Productivity in the Workplace

How to plan better and be more productive. In this workshop, we will explore how to create sustainable, productive habits through mindfulness.

Sleep for Performance Corporate Workshop by Summer Land

Sleep for Success

 How to improve your sleep to operate at your best. In this workshop, Summer shares simple tips to improve your sleep, and your mental and physical health.

Gut Health for Mental Health Corporate Workshop by Chelsea Pottenger

Gut Health for Mental Health

How to feed your second brain to improve your mental health. In this workshop, we share simple strategies to improve your nutrition and improve how you feel. 

Mindfulness for Energy and Motivation Corporate Workshop by Jay Pottenger

Mindfulness for Energy and Motivation

Find clarity and balance at work to feel happier and more motivated in life. In this workshop, we will explore mindful tools to find clarity, energy and resilience. 

Thriving in a Flexible Workplace Corporate Workshop by Chelsea Pottenger

Thriving in a Flexible Workplace

How to create a flexible workplace that empowers employees to perform at their best. In this workshop, we will set your team up with the practical skills they need to connect and thrive no matter where they are. 

Goal Setting and Visualisation Corporate Workshop by Chelsea Kate Evans

Goal Setting and Visualisation

How to make, visualise and achieve effective goals. In this workshop, we share research and techniques to deliver your goals.

Raising Resilient Kids Workshop by Suzy Astin

Raising Resilient Kids

How to help your child focus and build a resilient mindset and attitude. In this workshop we will equip you and your child with the tools needed to reduce stress and foster a growth mindset.

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