Mindfulness for kids


Gain a toolkit that your child will have with them for life.
Where they will learn to be resilient, face challenges with a growth mindset, and most importantly, be a happier version of themselves.

Why is this even important for kids?
Our children are being raised in a period of change, uncertainty, and noise. There are more distractions, information, and stimuli than kids (and adults) know what to do with.

Designed to easily fit into busy routines, the audio format option allows you to listen to the course as you make breakfast and sets up your day with mindful activities for your child.

This course will empower you to take control of your child's mental wellbeing, so they can live in the moment.

The course is aimed at kids 2 to 10


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“I did not realise that there are so many little simple things that we are doing that we are adding to our child's anxious and loud personality. By making a few changes to his environment, his behaviour, attitude and respect for others has completely changed for the better. Thank you so much. You have made my life so much more enjoyable.”



Spend just 15 minutes a day learning the simple tools to help grow a mindful and resilient child. Each day includes a series of exercises and activities to do with your child to put that day's lesson into practice. Do just one, or do them all. The course adjusts to your family's life.

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DAY 1: Mindfulness

Learn mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress, improve focus, build self-control and help your child manage their emotions.
DAY 2: Growth Mindset

Teach your child the valuable skills of a growth mindset. A skill that has been shown to predict the likelihood of future success
DAY 3: Morning Routine & Gratitude

Learn how to use the first eight minutes of your morning can help your child and your family become more positive and resilient
DAY 4: Movement & Play

Understand why play time can be one of the most important factors in helping your child develop skills in mindfulness
DAY 5: Sleep

Maximising the growth and development of your child through sleep and a simple bedtime routine
DAY 6: Nutrition

Uncover the importance of nutrition, both in physical health and mental health and use our simple, actionable tips the whole family will benefit from
DAY 7: Stress Management

Learn how to reduce the impact stress has on your child’s body and brain by training them to better cope with events that cause stress
DAY 8: Circle Of Influence

Create an environment that will help your child flourish by using a simple checklist to remove some of the distractions in your child's life
DAY 9: Affection & Self-Care

Explore the importance of affection in our children's lives. Then, we will turn the focus to you. Are you taking care of yourself? investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you can make for your family
DAY 10: Resilience

Gain strategies to bring resilience into your household. From simple games to a slight change in our language, you will leave with some behaviours and motivation to make subtle changes in your children's life

"Practical, clear, all parents must go through this course”

 - Sudarshan

This course will leave your child ready to face the world. And you, confident they can conquer it!

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and really savoured each day’s lessons.
We now have some fantastic tools to apply going forward and I have already seen quite a significant difference with how my son approaches certain tasks"



Founder and Director of EQ MINDS, Chelsea Pottenger is an accredited Mindfulness + Meditation coach, a Psychology student of Adelaide University, a Mental Health Ambassador for R U OK? and a woman on a mission.
Chelsea created EQ MINDS as a space to educate and inspire people to prioritise and care for their mental health.
EQ MINDS has become a destination frequented by many busy minds seeking out the tools and resources to bring calm, nourish the mind and optimise mental health and wellbeing to improve their quality of life.

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