My 3 Step Process To Set Boundaries

This 3 step process for setting boundaries immediately saved me a day per week once implemented. I have crafted the templates for you, so that you can simply copy, paste and tweak to create instant boundaries too!


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Heidi P. 

I was being pulled from pillar to post and finding it hard to get my own work done. After implementing these tools I was able to manage my day, and learn how to say No - kindly. These tools have helped me get my own work done, and also protect my mental health so I'm not burning out!

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My 3 Step Process To Setting Boundaries

Learn how to set boundaries and politely decline requests when you are feeling overwhelmed, including an email and phone template to copy, paste and edit to your own situation. 

Learn How To Say No, Kindly

Having a script to help you say No and to be able to communicate to others what is on your plate. People won't like you any less for saying no. They will actually respect that you have your own boundaries.

How to change your mindset on saying No

This tool will help you explain to people that the 'request' doesn't have to be a No forever. If you feel guilty or disappointed from saying no, you will learn techniques of how to overcome this. 


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Hi, I'm Chelsea Pottenger

Ex-corporate GM turned top motivational speaker, a proud ambassador for mental health charities, an accredited mindfulness and meditation coach and a psychology student. I educate and empower people to take care of their mental health and to optimise their wellbeing.

This tool has been responsible for career professionals and entrepreneurs to work more efficiently, getting their own work done and protecting their mental health.  

Without it, you will waste time stuck doing other peoples work and struggle to find time to do the things that really matter in your business and life.

With it, you can eliminate 8 hours of work from your calendar each week and focus that time on business or enjoying more of the good life! 

Chelsea x

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