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When you sleep better, you perform better.

EQs sleep program helps you build an accurate and insightful baseline of information about yourself and then equips you with resources and tools to improve your sleep quality.


Sleep better, it’s all possible with the EQ’s sleep 2.0 program.


Start the program. Transform your life.

Waking up at 2am? Our Sleep 2.0 program can help you get back to sleep.

Sleep 2.0 online program your secret weapon to get high quality rest.

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Everyday, EQ’s Sleep 2.0 program is helping people sleep deeply and achieve their goals. Don’t just take our word for it. You can share your story, too. #EQsleep

"I never thought I would sleep soundly again. The Sleep 2.0 online program is hands down the best sleep program on the market. Its sleep tools and resources are far superior to any other online program (and I’ve tested a lot!)."

- Sarah A.

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough to keep you on track with your sleep hygiene and learn about everything that is going on with your body and brain. These tools are easy to implement and backed by science. I now can get off to sleep within 15 minutes."

- Ben D.

"The Sleep 2.0 program is one of the most accurate programs on the market to get you deep rest. I learnt so much from sleep restriction, melatonin production, circadian alignment, coffee half life, Deep REM sleep, screens, sleep cues, bloods, CBT and my unhelpful thinking patterns.This program delivers on what nearly every other program has failed to provide."

- Chloe H.

Start the program. Transform your life.


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