The Perfect Way to Grow Gratitude with Kids

This checklist and tools immediately helped me create a gratitude practice with my daughter, so you can simply download, print and tick them off for more calmness and joy in your household too!


To help your child find more joy and build resilience!

Lisa. H

This was the best checklist that gave me so many out of the box ideas to start a gratitude practice with my 1 yo and 3 yo.  Loved it!!! 

In this FREE Download I'll show you...


30 Amazing Tips

You'll discover 3 of our favourite hacks and how to introduce them into your kids life!

Bring Back The Balance

Add more gratitude and balance into your family life and become a truly engaged mother.

Involve The Whole Family 

Introduce this positive habit to all family members. The kids can learn from you too!

Hi, I'm Chelsea Pottenger

Ex-corporate executive turned top motivational speaker, a proud ambassador for mental health charities and I help busy mothers with practical tools to help raise mindful kids.

Through proven research from University and my lived in experience as a busy mother, this simple tool with help you grow a more mindful, grateful and happier child.

Empowering them to take care of their mental health, become more resilient and teaching them how to live more in the moment. 

Chelsea x

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